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Game description: Superspeed Soccer is a sport game on in which you play football just by yourself and no other teammates. You can select a boy player or a girl player. Once the match starts, you can drag mouse in direction you want your player to run. Then click left mouse button to kick the ball. You can hold down left mouse button to stop the ball and release button to kick. As for how to aim ball, you can move the mouse to point the ball in the direction you want it to go while holding down mouse button, and then release button to kick it. Hit the wall targets for ball power ups and goal modifiers. As ball power ups, red stands for fastball, yellow stands for the low gravity slowball and green stands for the warpball which means the ball goes through one wall and comes out on the opposite wall. As for goal modifiers, blue means the goal grower. Player who hits it makes their opponent’s goal grow, so it is easier to score. Orange means the goal shrinker. Player who hits it shrinks their own goal, so it is harder for your opponent to score. White means the ultimate goalie. Player who hits it gets a super goalie to protect their goal. Are you clear? Have fun.

Game title :Superspeed Soccer

Game author : Family

Game size : 875 KB

Game screenshot :Superspeed Soccer

Game ID for Superspeed Soccer :1239

Best game screen resolution: 550 x 400 fullscreen

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