Stunt Mania 2

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Game description: Stunt Mania 2 is a sport game on in which you ride a motor bike to do tricks in the air. There are totally 10 levels in this game and different level has its own particular playing field. You must press and hold the specified key while in air to perform stunts. Be sure to finish the trick before landing. You shall use up and down to move forward and backward and press left and right to lean the biker’s body. Make use of space bar to turn back. You can perform Can Can, One Foot, Cordova, Lazy Boy, Cliff Hanger, Helicopter, Rock Solid, and other stunts in the air. Sometimes the slope is very steep, so you have to learn how to lean your body well to keep balance. Don’t crash your bike so quickly. You can also change the colors of your suit and bike. Pass one level and move to the next. Do it here!

Game title :Stunt Mania 2

Game author : Flashgames247

Game size : 4649 KB

Game screenshot :Stunt Mania 2

Game ID for Stunt Mania 2 :1162

Best game screen resolution: 550 x 441 fullscreen

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