Spear Britney

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Game description: This game is in the category ?shooting?. Well, this game is for all those who do not like Britney Spears. It is not complicated, Britney Spears is hung on a target and you must be able to send lances to him on the whole of its body. To arrive there, you have two indicators: the indicator on the left enables you to choose the height, you must thus click on ?stop? in bottom on the left; the indicator top makes it possible to choose the place where you want to launch the javelin you thus press a 2?m time on stop, then when you chose the 2 indicators, you click on ?throw? and it lance will be launched and you will be able to see whether it A awaits its target or not. You can start again the number of times that you want. There is no limit.

Game title :Spear Britney

Game author : Shock Comics

Game size : 271 KB

Game screenshot :Spear Britney

Game ID for Spear Britney :1488

Best game screen resolution: 400 x 300 fullscreen

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