Skijump 2001

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Game description: In winter, one of the most exciting sports is ski jump, which is regarded as winter favorite. Do you want to try it on your computer? Skijump 2001 is a sport game on in which your aim is to get the record-distance of 151.5m. When you have reached the end of the ramp, re-enter the Space key to jump! Don’t jump too late otherwise you will fall to death. Try to get an ideal position in the air. Navigate your way with arrow keys. Watch the “Status” display carefully! Green is good and red means bad. Have fun!

Game title :Skijump 2001

Game author : eVille

Game size : 213 KB

Game screenshot :Skijump 2001

Game ID for Skijump 2001 :1436

Best game screen resolution: 600 x 350 fullscreen

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