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Game description: Mini Golf is a sport game on in which you will play golf in mini maps. You can use your mouse to adjust the angle and power and then click to shoot the ball. Mini-golf classic is played on a nine-hole course, ranging from easy to quite difficult. 3 easy (par 2), 3 fair (par 3), 3 difficult (par 4). The golf is to complete the nine holes in the fewest number of strokes. You will have 20 seconds to put. To start a hole, you should place the ball anywhere inside the starting tee by moving the mouse and clicks the left button to put the ball down on the selected spot. To putt, click and hold on the ball, then move the mouse in the opposite direction of the intended target. A dotted line shows you the direction the ball will take and with what speed. Let go of the button and the ball is struck. The player score is recorded on the scorecard on the right side of the screen. Try it now.

Game title :Mini Golf

Game author : Great Live Games

Game size : 4746 KB

Game screenshot :Mini Golf

Game ID for Mini Golf :1180

Best game screen resolution: 751 x 551 fullscreen

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