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Game description: Marathon is a sport game on in which you join a long-distance race as various characters. You can select 100 meters Dash, 500 meter sprint or 1000 meter marathon. You can choose your favorite player from Stinky Bean, Thing-Thing, Crying Cactus, Cross Dressing Grandpa’s Super Squid Arm, Snow-Man, Mr. Paranoid, Weasel, Fuzzy McFluffenstein, and Meat. Different players have different speed, strength and explosive power. Once the game starts, you can alternate the right and left keys to make your character run. The faster you press the keys the faster your character will go. Run as fast as you can until you get to the red tiles. You must stop on the red area otherwise you will lose. If you keep running in a high speed on the red area, your character may hit the wall at the end and break to pieces. So be careful. Don’t often select the Meat player because it is just a piece of meat. Ha ha… Have fun!

Game title :Marathon

Game author : Diseased Productions

Game size : 2413 KB

Game screenshot :Marathon

Game ID for Marathon :1256

Best game screen resolution: 550 x 300 fullscreen

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