Lightning Break

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Game description: Lightning Break is a sport game on in which you play as a snooker player and try to get a high score in the allotted time. Lightning Break is based on snooker, and each level has an objective you must complete in the time allowed. There is only 1 red ball so it will appear in the triangle again, once it has been potted the color balls will re-appear on their spots when they have been potted. The dotted line around the balls shows which ball you need to pot next. For each pot you make, you score the value left on the countdown multiplied by the value of the ball. Red is worth 1 point, yellow 2 points, green 3 points, etc. The numbers on the balls tell you their value and the game ends when you run out of time. Remember if you pot a color ball when you should pot a red or you pot the white, that is a foul and you loose 4 from the countdown. If you finish a level early, you get a bonus which is the value left on the countdown multiplied by the levels you’ve completed that go.

Game title :Lightning Break

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