King of Dunk

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Game description: King of Dunk is a sport game on in which you will do slam dunk in a beautiful basketball field. You are an elite basketball player in NBA. This day after work, you want to practice dunk alone. It’s easy to play. Press the Go button and the player will run fast toward the basket. There is a power gauge calculating the strength for your dunk. You can press the Fly button when this power gauge indicates a value you think appropriate. Then you will fly toward the basket and show a perfect dunk. But be careful, it’s not easy to master the gauge. If you fly too early, the computer will laugh at you and ask you whether you are able to do dunk. If you fly too late, you will hit the backboard and get a bleeding nose. Try it many times and learn the skills. Are you ready? Play now.

Game title :King of Dunk

Game author : N/A

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Game ID for King of Dunk :1223

Best game screen resolution: 490 x 310 fullscreen

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