Jet Ski

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Game description: Jet Ski is an arcade game on in which you use arrow-keys to direct the surfer to shun from all the obstacles and get the bonus points. You have 3 lives through the game, use your left/right keys to steer the surfer. There are two kinds of bonus points in the river, the Pepsi buoy and the golden Pepsi buoy, collect them as many as possible, but in the same time, you should look out for the exploding mines and the river bank, if you touch either of them, you lose your life. Once the jet fly over the bridges, you can use ramps to jump, press the space bar whilst in mid air will make the boarder do a trick, for extra points. Your residual lives are shown in the upper-right of the screen, under your score, when you run out your lives, the game is over.

Game title :Jet Ski

Game author : Pepsi

Game size : 977 KB

Game screenshot :Jet Ski

Game ID for Jet Ski :1347

Best game screen resolution: 730 x 560 fullscreen

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