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Game description: Global Championships is a sport game on in which you try to play football with your PC opponent. At first you can choose the teams for yourself and your opponent, there are many different teams you can choose and they have different characteristic and advantages, it is really important to choose a strong team for yourself. Secondly there is “Amateur” and “Professional” two levels you can select to decide the difficulty of your game, as amateur stands for easy level and your enemy will be not too difficult for you to win. And when you begin to operate the game better you can get to the hard level. When you start the game, you have three team members while your opponent has three linebackers with a goalkeeper. Then you can pass or take the ball yourself to make a goal and there are five chances for to be out.

Game title :Global Championships

Game author : Innot

Game size : 144 KB

Game screenshot :Global Championships

Game ID for Global Championships :1396

Best game screen resolution: 790 x 313 fullscreen

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