Crossing Cup

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Game description: Crossing Cup is a sport game on in which you will play football skillfully. You can select your favorite national team and players. There are 2 modes of play in this game, the Offense and the Defense mode. The play mode changes every turn. There are 2 steps to play offense mode. You play as the corner kicker and play as the kicker afterwards. You only have one chance to shoot the ball. Use the arrow key to move the green arrow, when you have done aiming, press space bar to measure the power. The red indicator used to measure the power of the shoot, and press space bar again to shoot. After the corner kicker cross the ball, you then became the kicker. The camera angle changed then. There are a couple of seconds for you to position the kicker to the desired spot before the ball coming. And when the ball is coming, you can press space bar to volley. To play defense mode, you are controlling the keeper and you only have one chance to jump and catch the ball. You will realize your football dream here. It’s a real match! Join it now!

Game title :Crossing Cup

Game author : Mysco

Game size : 2111 KB

Game screenshot :Crossing Cup

Game ID for Crossing Cup :1165

Best game screen resolution: 800 x 600 fullscreen

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