Bullet Proof Punk

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Game description: Bullet Proof Punk is an arcade game on www.play-free-mahjong-games.org in which you may learn how to bite bullets. You can not run, and you can not hide. All you can do is to survive. That’s what happens when you shoot Osama in the face. Sounds dreadful? It isn’t. Osama has trained hard to tackle such situations. He knows how to put the bullet where his mouth is. Go ahead, let the world know who is the real Bullet Proof Punk. The performance takes place in a round arena. Three showgirls are dancing for your action. Two camels kneel down on the ground and they may be the award for Osama. Three gun holders like pirates are ready to shoot Osama. You can use your mouse to move up and down. Left click at the right time to clinch the bullets. You may also hit the space bar to jump and avoid missiles and bullets. Catch all the bullets to go to the next level. Ready? Try it now.

Game title :Bullet Proof Punk

Game author : Games 2 Win

Game size : 386 KB

Game screenshot :Bullet Proof Punk

Game ID for Bullet Proof Punk :1204

Best game screen resolution: 750 x 400 fullscreen

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