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Game description: Fighting Game is a fighting game on in which you use your skill and strength. You can choose yourself and your enemy in the beginning of the game. There are totally three people you can choose, the first one is wearing purple clothes and has long hair. The second in yellow coat and green trousers, he wears a green hat. The last man was in an orange jacket and black pants. Choose the left one for your character and another for your opponent .Select a stage with different places for fighting, in the country yard, street or on the lawn. Use key A, S and D to control the fighter, strike and boot quickly and accurately to knock your enemy down. Your energy meter will be shown in the top of the screen. Beat him with least time and energy. Hope you good luck!

Game title :Fighting Game

Game author : Anakele Vision

Game size : 2996 KB

Game screenshot :Fighting Game

Game ID for Fighting Game :2191

Best game screen resolution: 320 x 240 fullscreen

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