Battle in Megaville

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Game description: Battle in Megaville is a fighting game on in which you play as a martial art player to fight with kinds of different adversary on the arena. The arena is a square wooden platform and you two stand at one side of the platform with a complete black background. The basic skill of the player is to hit, attack, guard, dash, juggle and deflect. You control the player’s movement to give your adversary a beat. You can choose Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Dexter, Bell and Rowdruff to stand for you to be the warrior. Everyone has different attack skills and some has rather amazing unique skill. It is really a classic game that strings along with the teenagers for a long time. So just start to be the best fighter.

Game title :Battle in Megaville

Game author : Haileon Games

Game size : 4886 KB

Game screenshot :Battle in Megaville

Game ID for Battle in Megaville :2177

Best game screen resolution: 400 x 250 fullscreen

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