Tire Toss

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Game description: Tire Toss is an arcade game on play-free-mahjong-games.org in which you try to toss a tire as far as possible. There are three kinds of tires in this game, they have different weight. Choose a tire you want to toss, and then the game starts. You are on a road in the wild, it is large tracts of forests and green space by the road side, and insects are humming. You uphold a tire and run forward, when you reach a wood pile, you try your best to throw it far away. Click the screen, you start to run, and use your left mouse button to control the speed. Your scores are recorded at the down right of the map. Wish you good luck!

Game title :Tire Toss

Game author : High Lifter

Game size : 533 KB

Game screenshot :Tire Toss

Game ID for Tire Toss :904

Best game screen resolution: 390 x 300 fullscreen

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