Super Kaka

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Game description: Super Kaka is an arcade game on The goal of the game is to help Kaka get the flying fuel. Every level has time limit, if Kaka exceeds time limit, Game Over. If Kaka bumps into other characters, Kaka will lose one life and it totally has 5 lives. You can use up key to jump and climb up. Press left and right key to move to the left and right. Make use of down key to climb down. Space Bar is used to start flying mode. Kaka also can use a gun to shoot. Kaka needs flying fuel to keep flying. Flying fuel is the winning goal of every level. Besides, you can help Kaka to collect some items. Silver coin award you 100 points. Gold coin adds 200 points. Ruby increases 300 points for you. Saphire gives you a 400 points bonus. And Jade is 500 points. Gold means 1000 points. After you get 10000 points, one extra life will be awarded to you. You may also pick up some magical items. Frozen mirror can frozen all characters except Kaka for a period of time. Invisible potion will make Kaka invisible. Magic Watch gives you a 10 seconds bonus. Sword Gun can be used by Kaka to shoot bullets. When Kaka gets a magical item, it will show up in the bat at the bottom. You can activate the magical items to use them. Go to help Kaka now!

Game title :Super Kaka

Game author : Koalafun

Game size : 7828 KB

Game screenshot :Super Kaka

Game ID for Super Kaka :721

Best game screen resolution: 560 x 400 fullscreen

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