Rigelian HotShots

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Game description: Rigelian HotShots is an arcade game on www.play-free-mahjong-games.org in which you try to get as many points as you can. In the game, use the arrow keys to control the fireball. Hill thrill suckers to earn points. Hitting walls or getting caught in traps gets you killed, so make sure to operate clear. If you loose health, you can recharge by catching other fireballs as they pass by. Like with flipper, if you want to get a good score, you’d better make sure to go for the bonuses! Navigate a level without loosing a single health point and you’re rewarded with the “zero damage-bonus”, effectively doubling score. If you complete a level hilling every single thrill sucker, the “zero miss-bonus” is yours to the sweet sound of your score times three. As a reward for getting both “zero damage” and “zero miss”, you get the “perfect level-bonus”. Navigate a level without hilling a single thrill sucker, and you suffer the “zero hill-penalty”, cutting your score in half. Good luck!

Game title :Rigelian HotShots

Game author : FX33

Game size : 173 KB

Game screenshot :Rigelian HotShots

Game ID for Rigelian HotShots :1034

Best game screen resolution: 550 x 445 fullscreen

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