Rabbit Punch

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Game description: This game is in the category ?action?. A game a little bit bloody, so don't let young people to play it. The goal of the game is simple: rabbits ravel in bottom of the screen and you must be able to send them in holes. You are represented in the form of hand and must send them by a flick. Controls are simple: arrow directional the left and right-hand side to move your hand and the bar spaces to make the flick. You must manage to make return a maximum of rabbits in the holes in an assigned time, but attention you have only 3 hearts (thus 3 times where you can miss). The game stops when time is finished or when you do not have any more a heart.

Game title :Rabbit Punch

Game author : Flash Game

Game size : 175 KB

Game screenshot :Rabbit Punch

Game ID for Rabbit Punch :876

Best game screen resolution: 550 x 450 fullscreen

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