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Game description: Invasion is an arcade game on that you need to get as much gold as you can to test you intelligence. In the beginning of the game you have 2000 gold to build a few units including Infantry, Archers and Rams by clicking on them in the Pre-Battle screen. Then press “play” to enter the frontline. From there, you can click on the units in the toolbar below to deploy them into battle. When you clear the first stage, you will plunder 2000 gold from the castle you destroyed. Next time you will get 4000 gold and so on. You should remember to plan your strategies carefully; sometimes even the weather is an important factor in your battle. And don’t forget about the upgrades on your Barracks, Fletchery and Workshop to make your ability of fight better to defeat your target. Good Luck!

Game title :Invasion

Game author : Vengeance

Game size : 376 KB

Game screenshot :Invasion

Game ID for Invasion :923

Best game screen resolution: 700 x 400 fullscreen

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