Fesses Chasseurs

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Game description: Hunters hunt for animals especially precious ones for more profits. Have you ever seen someone hunt for naked people? Fesses Chasseurs is a shooting game on www.play-free-mahjong-games.org where you shoot at unclothed savages. You can turn left and right and walk forth and back. At every place you will have given enemies and bullets. For example, in the first scene you should shoot one barbarian and have only five bullets, and you can go on to the second scene only after you finish your mission in the first spot. Don’t let those brutes touch you because they will beat you black and blue. They have much more strength than you. Good luck!

Game title :Fesses Chasseurs

Game author : Uzineagaz

Game size : 198 KB

Game screenshot :Fesses Chasseurs

Game ID for Fesses Chasseurs :1087

Best game screen resolution: 640 x 430 fullscreen

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