Dunces Dragons

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Game description: Dunces Dragons is an arcade game on www.play-free-mahjong-games.org in which you beat the enemy to save your princess. The princess needs help and only you can save her. Conquer every enemy to complete a level. Complete every level to save the Princess. You can choose one or two players. Player 1 uses the arrow keys to navigate and enter to activate his special power. Player 2 uses S, E, F to navigate and spacebar to activate his special power. Upon clashing with an enemy, the highest net/lance wins. During a level, pick up your bonus or more enemies will appear. After every level our favoured knights compete against each other in a tournament round to prove their worthness. In a tournament round, 100 points for hurting an opponent, while 1500 points for defeating an opponent.

Game title :Dunces Dragons

Game author : Spongebob

Game size : 1855 KB

Game screenshot :Dunces Dragons

Game ID for Dunces Dragons :882

Best game screen resolution: 500 x 375 fullscreen

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