Black Ops

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Game description: Black Ops is an adventure game on The North Koreans are in pursuit of a deadly weapon of mass destruction program. The threat must be neutralized. We have three informers on the ground that will brief you on the mission. At first, you shall be trained. You can jump into trees and hang from certain branches. This will help you gain height. You must also crawl through tight spaces. When you don’t have any ammo yet, you should keep distance from the enemy. When the enemy guard is walking away from you, sneak up behind him and stab him with your knife by pressing the left mouse button. You can change weapons using the number keys. After the training, you will be assigned to finish three dangerous missions. You will hold machinegun and pistol to kill all enemy soldiers. Press the s key to duck for avoiding the bullets from enemies. Good luck!

Game title :Black Ops

Game author : 2D Play

Game size : 1335 KB

Game screenshot :Black Ops

Game ID for Black Ops :836

Best game screen resolution: 600 x 400 fullscreen

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