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Game description: Towe Constructor is a skill game on in which you try to build more stable and durable tower than your opponent within certain time limit. The larger blocks you use to build the tower, the better tower durability will be. However you have to make sure that block numbers are progressively increasing from top to the bottom of the tower. When the game starts you will see the tower already built in a random manner, you have to rebuild it to achieve the stability and durability. To achieve this, take a suggested block and replace existing one by click left button. The question mark will give you a random block to build. Bonus points are given for blocks in numerical order. Have fun!

Game title :Towe Constructor

Game author : Stefan Jones

Game size : 260 KB

Game screenshot :Towe Constructor

Game ID for Towe Constructor :345

Best game screen resolution: 800 x 600 fullscreen

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