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Game description: Tactics 100 Live is a board game on www.play-free-mahjong-games.org which bases on the concept of 1v1 multiplayer tactics. In this medieval game, you lead your soldiers including swordsmen, archers and wizards to defeat your opponents. Swordsmen are main close fighting force, archers and wizards are long-distance attacking force. The battle is turn-based which is able to offer you the opportunity to design your tactics to fully utilize your soldiers. You win when your army kills all the opponents and if the hero dies, you lose. The game also has a model to modify your composition of your army. You can modify the army, for example the color of your army and you can spend points which are earned during the battle to upgrade your army. Further, you could also change army formation to attain maxim efficiency by your understanding of the battle.

Game title :Tactics 100 Live

Game author : Game Brew

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Best game screen resolution: 720 x 576 fullscreen

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