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Game description: StarShine 2 is a classic game. There are 4 modes for you to choose: standard game mode: you can play the standard 50 puzzles of starshine 2. Play random puzzles mode: play randomly selected puzzles from our database of puzzles created by users form all over the world!! Load a specific puzzle mode: load a specific puzzle from the puzzle database by entering the appropriate puzzle ID!! Create your own puzzles: use our custom puzzle creator to make your own puzzles! Don’t forget to copy down your puzzle’s ID when finished! No matter what mode you choose to challenge, but in order to solve a puzzle, you need to light up each and every start on the screen; you do this by launching your projectile star at other stars on the screen, which then can create a star fragment chain reaction. You can move your mouse to choose the shooting angel, and press the left mouse button to shoot. Each star/object type has a different effect when hit by other star fragments. When lined up with a star on the screen, arrows will display showing what will happen once that star is hit. You can use the Objects key to help you remember what each object’s traits are. By knowing how objects react once hit, you can determine how a puzzle will play-out even before launching y9our star particle.

Game title :StarShine 2

Game author : Armor Games

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Game screenshot :StarShine 2

Game ID for StarShine 2 :61

Best game screen resolution: 600 x 650 fullscreen

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