Rhumb Lines

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Game description: Rhumb Lines is a puzzle game on play-free-mahjong-games.org. You can select to play with officer stones or to play with sailor stones. When the game starts, you will see a round shape of playing board in the screen. It is just like a compass rose. You and your opponent have 16 stones respectively. The objective is to out-navigate the opposition and accumulate points to achieve victory. Points are always accrued… never deducted and scored with the following combinations: Radius=10 points … 4 in a straight line. Arc=20 points … 4 in a curved line. Spiral= 30 points … 4 in a winding line. As rank has its privilege, the player with the officer stones starts the game by placing a yellow stone in any position on a radial. The opponent may then place a Sailor blue stone in any other position on any radial… and so on. When just one stone each remains, player remove any one of their stones from the board, and on their next turn, place it in any position… other than the one from which it was removed. The game is over when all 32 positions on the compass rose are covered and the higher scoring player is the winner.

Game title :Rhumb Lines

Game author : Michael Rad

Game size : 206 KB

Game screenshot :Rhumb Lines

Game ID for Rhumb Lines :133

Best game screen resolution: 700 x 500 fullscreen

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