Return To The THK58

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Game description: Return To The THK58 is an click and point adventure game on Your name is Sarah. And you are taking a spaceship and looking for another aircraft, The THK58. Your uncle is the captain of that ship. It crashed and all pilots died. But you have found a survivor and decide to go to The THK58 for looking for more survivors and some clues. A medical officer agrees to accompany you because he can take care of anyone injured. So here you start your adventure. You may find some blood paintings, some strange doors, and other strange and terrible phenomenon in that ship. What have happened in that ship? The puzzle will be gradually unclosed by your effort. A dreadful story would be exposed to the public. Are you interested in it? Go now!

Game title :Return To The THK58

Game author : Mochiads

Game size : 3440 KB

Game screenshot :Return To The THK58

Game ID for Return To The THK58 :173

Best game screen resolution: 650 x 550 fullscreen

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