Rainbow Roller

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Game description: rainbow roller is a character adventure games on www.flash-game.net. in your first lesson you will learn how to control your character, you should enter a name and choice a character to get the training lesson. different character will get different challenge .you should press and hold the left mouse button and move the wand in the direction of the colored areas. releasing the wand on one of the colored areas boosts the ball in that direction ,you should help the character to avoiding these traps and collect the extra lives and destroy enemies by stunning them but be careful because the stun is for a limited time. you should help the character collect as many coins as possible the more coins the higher your score will be. the more high level you should click magic color wand to put rainbow roller to help the character get useful tools and goals such as trampolines, golden keys to increase your coins in a limited time ,the title of

Game title :Rainbow Roller

Game author : Rik

Game size : 961 KB

Game screenshot :Rainbow Roller

Game ID for Rainbow Roller :144

Best game screen resolution: 650 x 480 fullscreen

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