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Game description: World War 2 is over and the future looks bright for the West. Your new office is on the top of one of the biggest oil companies in the world. Your task as CEO is to turn that black sticky stuff into gold by any means necessary. Here in Oiligarchy, you need to use the exploration vehicles to find the dark treasure over land or sea. Then deploy a small well, a normal well or a platform, making sure that the drill line hits the oilfield and starts the extraction. Remember not to be too greed, and once you complete your operation, you need to go forward in time, and your yearly profit will be accounted and new events may happen. Watch out all the bars to control your extraction. Your profits depend on barrels sold and the price of the crude, so plan your budget wisely. If you want to drill in foreign countries, you’d better deal with those governments with political means. Pay attention to those events which may important to your business. You can find this puzzle game on www.play-free-mahjong-games.org. Good luck!

Game title :Oiligarchy

Game author : Addicting Games

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Game screenshot :Oiligarchy

Game ID for Oiligarchy :71

Best game screen resolution: 750 x 300 fullscreen

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