Navy Battles

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Game description: Navy Battles is a puzzle game on in which you will think a set of pot to guide your own navy to find all the enemies at the Pacific Ocean and fight for victory. At the beginning of the game, you will face with 7 military ships such as the submarine, the aircraft carrier and so on. You can drop and drag those ships to the sea map on the right side to organize your own troops. You can also press the auto place to place your warships by computer. Once the game starts, there are two part of the ocean. Your navy is in the left side. Click on the right part of the sea to search for enemies. Once you have found a warship the cube which you click will become a red spot to signal. When you have found the outline of the ship completely, the enemy’s ship will appear and sink. If you failed to find your enemy, the cube will become a blue spot. In the process, your enemy will attack you and the screen will become red to notice you. At the upper corner of the screen is your weapon. And you can reload it by search it in your enemy side. After you have found all the enemies warships and defeated them, then you can go to the next level.

Game title :Navy Battles

Game author : Game Rival

Game size : 209 KB

Game screenshot :Navy Battles

Game ID for Navy Battles :426

Best game screen resolution: 620 x 420 fullscreen

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