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Game description: Math Attack is a puzzle game on in which you have to play as a doctor and your mission is to keep viruses and bacteria away from your patient. You do this by answering simple mathematical questions that are shown in the mouth of the white blood cell. For instance, if the question is zero and two, the answer is two, you can click on two. As you progress through the game, the questions will become harder and the germ will move faster. Possible answers are shown on the germs that are moving towards the center of the patients body. You must click on the virus with the correct answer before it contaminates your patient and kills him. Mouse point and click to select answer. Use power-ups you picked up during the game, and they will help you defeat the germs and save your patient. Vitamin will slow down bacterium for 10 seconds. Antibiotio can remove all germs except for 2. Vaccine stops germs for 10 seconds. Surgery restores one life, that is, repair one damaged body part. And radiation ills all germs except for the one with the correct answer but remove one life. Go ahead and challenge the harder levels. Have fun!

Game title :Math Attack

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