Hang Gift Santa

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Game description: Hang Gift Santa is an arcade game on www.play-free-mahjong-games.org in which you will have a charming Christmas Day. In this game, you will have 9 chances to guess the right words before the last tree decoration flies away. Once it starts, you will find a very beautiful Christmas tree. And then there will fall down some gifts which are candies, bells and so on. There are also snowing in the screen. And the other side of the screen, there are 26 letters. You can pick up any letters of them. But if you pick the wrong letter, one of the gifts will fly away. If you pick the right letter and take the right word, one angel that is very lovely will fly there. Then you can start a new game.

Game title :Hang Gift Santa

Game author : Lost Jungle

Game size : 159 KB

Game screenshot :Hang Gift Santa

Game ID for Hang Gift Santa :440

Best game screen resolution: 500 x 354 fullscreen

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