Halloween Puzzle

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Game description: Halloween Puzzle is an arcade game on www.play-free-mahjong-games.org in which you try to get the objects to lay in a box. It is a lovely and simple game. You should use your mouse to press the object in the game. There are many lovely things in the game, like bones, balls, toys, pumpkins and so on. There is rhythm music hearing nearby your ears while you play the game. The time is at night. It is hanging one beautiful moon in the dark blue sky. The floor of the house is green color. While you play the game, you will feel that you are in a relaxed and warm environment.

Game title :Halloween Puzzle

Game author : N/A

Game size : 133 KB

Game screenshot :Halloween Puzzle

Game ID for Halloween Puzzle :452

Best game screen resolution: 550 x 400 fullscreen

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