Fruit Fabriek

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Game description: Fruit Fabriek is an arcade game on in which you try to clear a fruits board. There are many fruits on the game board, such as grape, pear, banana, and hawthorn. Bells and BAR BAR icon may also appear on the board. You can click two adjacent fruits to swap their positions. The aim of the game is to form a row of 3 same fruits horizontally or vertically. Once you form a right row, the fruits or bells in this row will disappear and become bonus points. There is no time limit for you. But there is a green bar at the bottom of the screen which indicates your progress. You can try to form a row of four same fruits for earning a higher score. Once some fruits disappear from the board, some new fruits will fall down to fill the blank positions. So it is an infinite process. Right? Have fun!

Game title :Fruit Fabriek

Game author : Happy Tree

Game size : 97 KB

Game screenshot :Fruit Fabriek

Game ID for Fruit Fabriek :309

Best game screen resolution: 520 x 355 fullscreen

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