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Game description: Enigma is a puzzle jigsaw game. In this game, you can use your mouse to complete all of your movements. You can firstly choose a level to challenge, and then game start. You can see a fade picture on the middle of your screen, and what you should do next? You should drag the different shapes jigsaw to the middle, on the picture, and you should think over, and re-array them, make them combine into the fade picture you see. Tips: the jigsaw piece in the same color will move synchronous, so you must confirm if the step you move that piece is correct. Some time, if you move one piece, maybe it will also have influence other pieces of jigsaw. After you complete the whole picture correctly, you can click in the middle, and go to the next picture. Good luck, it is not so easy.

Game title :Enigma

Game author : Coolio Niato

Game size : 0 KB

Game screenshot :Enigma

Game ID for Enigma :70

Best game screen resolution: 385 x 525 fullscreen

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