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Game description: Draw Play, it is a skill game on www.flash-game.net. This is a game for helping a little boy arrives to the goal and got the flag. This boy is looking for the road to get his home back, but he has to get the flag first. On his way to the flag, he will meet some problems that you must help him to avoid the barriers. He probably met some sharp things to hurt him and make him back to the start, and he might meet some barriers to obstruct him. What you have to do is draw a road for him, make the road from start to the flag and help him to not touch those sharp barriers. Then he can get back home smoothly and earlier. Please be careful!

Game title :Draw Play

Game author : Game Gecko

Game size : 314 KB

Game screenshot :Draw Play

Game ID for Draw Play :330

Best game screen resolution: 800 x 650 fullscreen

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