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Game description: Detonator is a skill game on Walter is in charge of the bomb disposal team. You have to guide him around the screen using the cursor keys and then press the space bar to detonate the bombs. After the fuse has been started, Walter only has 1.5 seconds to move out of the way before the bomb explodes, so you need to be quick. To move a bomb along rails, you shall hit space bar twice quickly, then the direction you want to move in. There are various bombs in the game. Medium bomb destroys an area of five tiles. Radar bomb detonates all the other Radar bombs. Small bomb only destroys one tile. Large bomb destroys an area of 13 tiles. There are also various tiles in the game. You will see normal tiles on all the levels. Ice tile is too slippery for you to stay on it. Bombs can be moved along the slotted tile. Teleport tile can instantly move you around the screen. In later levels you should beware of falling crates. Are you ready? Good luck!

Game title :Detonator

Game author : Miniclip

Game size : 208 KB

Game screenshot :Detonator

Game ID for Detonator :552

Best game screen resolution: 760 x 480 fullscreen

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