Worm Race

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Game description: Worm Race is a casino game on www.flash-games.net in which you bet one of the worms to race, if the worm which you chose has wan, you can get the money. There are four worms to choose, and each one has different chance to win. The more chances to win, the less money you will get. Suppose the worm is very bad to win, you can get 4 times money as you bet if the worm wins, on the other hand, if the worm has very good chance to win, you may just get 1.2 times if you win. After choosing the worm, you can decide how much money you want to bet. You have 500 pounds in the beginning. If you have not enough cash, you can borrow from the black person. But remember you must return more money than you borrow. If you loan 100 pounds, your debt is 150 pounds, and so on. Don’t forget to return money within 5 rounds. Besides, you can buy some stage properties in the black market to “help” the race. In fact, it’s practice fraud.

Game title :Worm Race

Game author : Yosi.com

Game size : 34 KB

Game screenshot :Worm Race

Game ID for Worm Race :5336

Best game screen resolution: 650 x 475 fullscreen

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