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Game description: Othello is a board game on flash-games.net. When the game starts, you will see a board and four chess pieces on it, two white pieces and two black pieces. You are the white side. You can use your mouse to put the white pieces on any blank grids. Any black pieces surrounded by white pieces horizontally, vertically or diagonally will change into white pieces, and vice versa. So you must think how to surround the pieces of your opponent. When the board is full of pieces and there is no blank grid. The game is over. The side whose pieces count more than the other side will win the game. Yes, it is easy to play, but it is hard to win. Do you want to try? Join now.

Game title :Othello

Game author : Flashhouse

Game size : 21 KB

Game screenshot :Othello

Game ID for Othello :5367

Best game screen resolution: 650 x 500 fullscreen

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