Dirty Marbles

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Game description: Dirty Marbles is a board game on www.flash-games.net in which you compete with the other chess players, who reach the destination at the earliest, who win. It’s a game like the flying chess which we all played in our childhood, then now in this game, you can play by yourself when there’s no person playing with you. Just check out the “Skip into” section and you will see a paper with several choices, you can choose the number of human player and computer player, fill their names in the blank instead of the “Blue Player ”,”Green player” and others. Press the “New game” button to start the game. Once the game begins, you will see some buttons on the frame. The “Swap dice ’button is for tossing the dices, and the “Skip turn” button means you can move your chessman now. You can also click on the “Options” button for the detail. If you are ready, play now…

Game title :Dirty Marbles

Game author : Kalin Ringkvist

Game size : 188 KB

Game screenshot :Dirty Marbles

Game ID for Dirty Marbles :5363

Best game screen resolution: 550 x 650 fullscreen

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