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Game description: Dice Mogul is a casino game on www.flash-games.net in which if you like plays the game Zillionaire; you will also enjoy this game too. There is a big disk in the center of the screen with some denotations on it. The blue one is you. You have totally 4000 dollars. And there are 3 competitors compete with you. Your target is buy spaces and builds properties as you can afford and upgrade them as many as possible. You can use bonus capsules to help yourself. Click on properties to upgrade them and increase their value. Let your enemies living in want. But you should also be careful about those accidents. In this world, you never know what will happen when you arrival at the mysterious places.

Game title :Dice Mogul

Game author : Arcade Town

Game size : 385 KB

Game screenshot :Dice Mogul

Game ID for Dice Mogul :5352

Best game screen resolution: 800 x 800 fullscreen

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