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Game description: Oddly, people who play chess are always smarter than those who don’t. Scientists say that clever minds need practice and playing chess is a perfect method. Do you want to be more intelligent? 5 Wins is a board game on www.flash-games.net in which you will have a chess match with the computer. The rule is simple. The first to link five chessmen into a line wins. That is 5 wins. You have to block your opponent’s way so to destroy his arrangement. Try to guess which square is possible to be your foe’s next place, so that can you have the chance to win. Show your brilliance!

Game title :5 Wins

Game author : Fettspielen

Game size : 252 KB

Game screenshot :5 Wins

Game ID for 5 Wins :5347

Best game screen resolution: 500 x 460 fullscreen

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